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A.J’s strength lies in his ability to embody characters of all different personalities and quirks, whimsical, deceitful, strong, weak etc. and truly bring them to life in your Voiceover copy. While his natural vocal tone is quite youthful he possesses the ability to stretch his range according to the needs of your particular project.

With a Neumann TLM 103 microphone and a Vocal Booth, A.J is able to record and deliver RAW professional quality sound right from his home, exactly to specification.

A.J has learned from other Voiceover artists and Coaches in an effort to perfect his craft

These people include:

  • Crispin Freeman - Animation/Videogame
  • Richard Horvitz - Animation/Videogame
  • Tony Oliver - Anime
  • Jay Britton - Commercial
  • Erin Fitzgerald - Animation
  • Jodi Gotlieb - Promos/Commercials


"I Hired A.J and had a great experience working with him as a voice talent. We were both clear and upfront with expectations about coming work and pay rates. He blew me away with his audition and once scripts were sent out, his read-through was thorough and delivered exactly to specification. A.J also delivered ahead of deadline, allowing me to ask for modifications without being short on time. This doesn't happen enough in audio post and I am thankful to have worked with voice talent as professional as A.J. My character was brought to life with his performance. To this day many listeners ask me personally about the actor behind the awesome voice and performance. I'll continue to say "That was A.J Beckles. He was Stellar to work with."

-Randy Greer, "BlackStar Chronicles"

"AJ is a supreme actor to work with all around! He's extremely reliable, easy to work with, offers an amazing performance, and is beyond professional. I casted him for an audiobook series and have enjoyed, and continue to enjoy, working with him!"

-T.S Weisland Sem:Adventures across time

"AJ is an incredibly talented voice actor, with a wide range and a superb work ethic. I have worked with him for over nine months, and plan to work with him again for my final season. He absolutely nails playing Amad Khan in KALILA, showcasing both emotional vulnerability and excellent comedic timing with difficult material. He has always been willing to play with his character and experiment, as well as meeting the challenge of voicing side characters. AJ shows up to table readings ready and enthusiastic and is very communicative as a remote VA. I have already recommended him to other shows seeking talent like his. AJ would be a benefit to any show that takes him on."

-Lisette Alvarez Director (Kalila Stormfire's Economical Magick Services)

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